// Flat-footed Truths: Telling Black Women’s Lives //

edited by Patricia Bell-Scott with Juanita Johnson-Bailey

Flat-footed Truths is a new and exciting collection from the editor of the enormously successful Life Notes and the award-winning Double Stitch. With a foreword by Marcia Ann Gillespie. . . This revealing and inspiring anthology brings together twenty-seven creative spirits who, through essays, interviews, poetry, and photographic images, tell black women’s lives.

Praise for Flat-footed Truths

“A highly accessible collection of essays, interviews, poems, and photographs that provide penetrating insights into the lives of African-American women, and all women, past and present.”


“A moving tribute to African-American women. The personal stories and memoirs . . . reveal the full measure of lives honestly and fully lived.”


“This book will challenge the creative and artistic spirit within us all and bring forth those truths that linger in our darkness.”


“Flat-Footed Truths is an eloquent and spirited book that explores the many faces of authenticity and truth in Black women’s lives. It is fiercely honest and stunning in its power to enrich and inform us. It deserves our closest attention.”

—HARRIET LERNER, Ph.D., author of <em>The Dance of Anger</em> and <em>The Dance of Deception</em>

“This book reclaims lives too long forgotten. It shows us the transforming power of bringing the past into the present, as nothing of value chould ever be left behind.”

—CLARENCE MAJOR, editor of<em> Calling the Wind</em>

“Flat-Footed Truths is a ‘book quilt’ made by the hands of Black women. I like how my sisters tell their stories through poetry, photographs, and essays: memory is the braiding of hair and the extension of life.”

—E. ETHELBERT MILLER, author of <em>Fathering Words: The Making of an African American Writer</em>

“I was immensely moved and inspired by the writing in Flat-Footed Truths. Each contribution is an intimate portrait of a women’s life; I felt honored to be so trusted with these private, personal words. The courage, intelligence, and heart each author put into her writing makes this volume a joy and a privilege to read.”

—LESLÈA NEWMAN, author of <em>Writing from the Heart</em>

“The book . . . succeeds admirably in examining the difficulties and rewards of autobiography.”


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